Knits, I’ve made a few…

I have been making more of an effort to get photos of knits I’ve completed and posting them, rather, scheduling them to my fb page. Thus far I’ve been good. A picture/item a day, which I try to also simultaneously share on Instagram, and I’m a few weeks scheduled in advance, with more knits on the way, both creation wise and photo wide. I’ve also reshot (finally!) some items that were in the shop (those bloody reds!!). So it’s only fitting that I start getting back to posting knits here, too. I believe it’s been several years since I’ve posted knits here so let me catch the blog up to speed on the ones already posted. 

First up is a baby hat in a thick and soft dusty rose yarn. I used the lace ending pattern for a baby sweater (posted later) and just went with that for an alternating pattern. I was winging it but it turned out pretty well, I think. 

Next is a scarf made with a hand dyed tencel yarn from Yarntopia Treasures from New Mexico. Her yarns are to die for! This scarf has a pivot edging on both sides and the colours are gorgeous. Oranges, greens, and yellows. 

Just a standard grey scarf but I love how thick and cuddly it feels on the neck. And it goes with everything. Grey is so classic. 

Another hand dyed yarn from Yarntopia Treasures. These colours are just stunning. Greens, blues, and purples. I believe this is bamboo tencel mix. 

A newborn unisex baby sweater with one wooden button with a fern leaf burned onto it. The button comes from Brickbubble and her buttons are so adorable. 

This yarn was sent to me from my friend Kare at Intellexual Design Custom Footwear & Accessories. It’s a black cotton yarn but there’s this amazing metallic thread woven into the yarn and it changes colour. 

The colour of the metallic strand is actually reminiscent of the rainbow in a soap bubble. Green/pink/purple. 

Here’s that baby sweater I was telling you about. So this can be a matching set with the baby hat but that wasn’t my intention when I knit them. This sweater has more Bruckbubble buttons…

Bruckbubble buttons with little baby chicks burned onto them. Aren’t they adorable??

My friend Aimee at The Little Bird Designs needed some yoga socks in hot pink! I was happy to oblige. I knit them in a ribbed stitch because a little birdie (heh) told me she has thin feet. Rubbed stitch is better at hugging you so if you need to make it a better fit, go with the rubbed. 

These mittens were part of an idea that didn’t work out but I’m not done trying to the idea. The pattern is actually just a repeat pattern used in a baby sweater but I thought it was pretty for these Snow White mittens. This is the Downton Abbey Lady Mary yarn. It’s got a strand of metallic silver woven through it but it’s extremely hard to capture that in a photo. 

Here’s that same patter but in a purple hat. This yarn is so soft that it would be perfect as a chemo cap. 

I had just finished knitting a hat with this vibrant yarn but only had the one skein. I hate to waste yarn so I turned the remainder into a coffee cozy. I used to make these all the time (I once made 35 for a group of friends in Europe) and love using a yarn that changes colour. 

This scarf was already in the shop but had to be reshot. Red is the most difficult colour to shoot. I love these scarves and am going through my UFO (unfinished objects) bags and found quite a few of them. Apparently I didn’t feel like weaving in the ends of a number of scarves. (Insert eye roll)

I knit this rainbow baby blanket for a lady who is having a rainbow baby. I’d never heard the term until a few years ago. A rainbow baby is a baby born after the loss of a baby. Very sweet and I’m honoured she’s asked me to make it for her. 

More hand dyed bamboo yarn. This baby sweater, also with wooden Brickbubble buttons, also using that repeat pattern we saw in the mittens and hat, is for a dear friends daughter. I’m reading a pair of arm warmers and a sweater for a custom made leather belt. Check out @leoninestudios on Instagram or – she just came back from working at the Invictus Games!

I was asked by a customer if non-slip slippers for tots was possible so I made my standard newborn to 3 months booties, and then a pair of booties for a 6-18 month old. So sweet!

I took a barre Pilates class and these were for the instructor. Her favourite colour is orange (and her class is hella hard! Pilates by Bernadette in Pickering). 

This past winter I made so many Star Wars hats it was pretty crazy. The best part was customizing the saying. 

Here are the arm warmers I made for my friend in exchange for the leather belt. 

And today these were scheduled. This blue is just gorgeous! Tardis blue fingerless gloves for all the whovians. 


St Valentine’s Day

I love love. There’s nothing more beautiful than the honesty in love. Seeing two people who are brave enough to have completely given themselves over to each other is beautiful to me. That being said, Valentine’s Day has become this commercial day that makes us feel like we can never live up to the hype.
You shouldn’t be relegated to celebrating your love on JUST. ONE. DAY. Celebrate it every day.

However, that’s not the point of this post, is it?

Here are some amazing Etsy finds to celebrate the love in your life. Click on the photos and they will take you to their page where you can, if you’re lucky, purchase them. However, please be sure to check the turnover time of each item/shop.

Thunderpeep makes some amazingly funny cards and she’s so very creative, not to mention the creator of my logo. Plus. Her trolls are the handsomest in the land. I sort of wish they wore tight pants…

Thunderpeep Designs

Thunderpeep Designs

If you’re ever been on reddit or you’ve seen the toys you shouldn’t buy for kids feed on buzz feed, then you’ll know this store. If not, then you should know this store. Mrs McG makes some incredibly hilarious toys that are not meant for kids.

Mrs McGettrick's Fuggler Emporium

Mrs McGettrick’s Fuggler Emporium

I’ve been a fan of Kiva Ford’s forever. If you’ve never heard of this artist then you’re missing out. His glass is so beautiful and I totally coveted his Christmas ornaments.

Kiva Ford

Kiva Ford

How cute is this necklace? Candiware is an artisan whose jewellery smells as delicious as it looks! Yes, that’s right, this necklace smells but you’ll have to click on the link to find out.



I love Minouette’s art but this is especially cute and very unique! How about art that changes colours when your valentine puts their hand on it? This would be a great gift for your valentine who is far away.

things from secret minouette places

things from secret minouette places

This next shop owner is insanely talented as well as a friend of mine. I once asked her to make a necklace using only a photo of my friend’s tattoo and she did it within a couple of hours and it was beautiful. Her work is difficult to define into one genre (classic tattoos?) (glam diva?) but she makes jewellery and it’s beautiful.

Faster Than You - artallnight

Faster Than You – artallnight

And really, you can’t have Valentine’s Day without some conversation hearts. Nail Kandy, a local polish and nail designer, makes beautiful nails! I own a pair. Not to mention? Her Mardi Gras nail polish was featured in People Style Mag!!! SOOOO excited for her, and super proud, too.

Nail Kandy

Nail Kandy

And, of course, you can’t have a blog without a little shameless self promotion. But at least I’ve promoted the others before meā€¦

Knitty Little Secret

Knitty Little Secret

in actual knitting news

I knit a hat and matching gloves and it makes me think of something Lady Mary Crawley would wear in Downton Abbey. Then I knit a second set in a soft salmony pink and thought of Lady Edith. I have yet to knit a third set for Lady Sybil. I’m thinking a dusty blue though.

I just love the look of this set, though it’s not my style at all.