About ME!

I guess it’s about time I changed my about page.

Oh HI!

So I’m a wife to a wonderful man. We’ve been together since 2006 and he’s beyond amazing. He’s my best friend and the silliest person I know. He allows me to be silly and fickle and encourages me in all things I try.
I’m a mother to two beautiful children. My son has ADD and my daughter has PDD-NOS as well as a developmental delay.

I dabble in photography, though I have so much to learn. I love capturing beautiful moments and places that otherwise would go unnoticed.

I dabble in writing. I would love to publish my book someday, however not for reasons you’d think. I’d rather publish it for the experience and accomplishment. I’d love to be able to say, I’ve published a book! (the fact that in my dreams I’m accepting an Oscar for portraying the main character in the movie version of my book is completely irrelevant)

I knit like an 83 year old Nana and my stash is a little out of control. Thank god we have a basement with a storage room! I attempt to sell my knitting online and you can find my shop at:
Someday I’d love to open a Local Yarn Shop.

I have a wicked potty mouth and make some men blush with the things I’ve said. My favourite curse word is a taboo word. It starts with a C and ends with an “UNT”. Why do I love this word so much? Because it is just that. A word. You can call me any name in the book and I won’t take offense because, at the end of the day, it’s merely a string of letters put together. I could call you a zamperfrund and you could take offense or not. It’s all your own perspective.

Choose happiness.


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