Month: May 2016

Knits, I’ve made a few…

I have been making more of an effort to get photos of knits I’ve completed and posting them, rather, scheduling them to my fb page. Thus far I’ve been good. A picture/item a day, which I try to also simultaneously share on Instagram, and I’m a few weeks scheduled in advance, with more knits on the way, both creation wise and photo wide. I’ve also reshot (finally!) some items that were in the shop (those bloody reds!!). So it’s only fitting that I start getting back to posting knits here, too. I believe it’s been several years since I’ve posted knits here so let me catch the blog up to speed on the ones already posted. 

First up is a baby hat in a thick and soft dusty rose yarn. I used the lace ending pattern for a baby sweater (posted later) and just went with that for an alternating pattern. I was winging it but it turned out pretty well, I think. 

Next is a scarf made with a hand dyed tencel yarn from Yarntopia Treasures from New Mexico. Her yarns are to die for! This scarf has a pivot edging on both sides and the colours are gorgeous. Oranges, greens, and yellows. 

Just a standard grey scarf but I love how thick and cuddly it feels on the neck. And it goes with everything. Grey is so classic. 

Another hand dyed yarn from Yarntopia Treasures. These colours are just stunning. Greens, blues, and purples. I believe this is bamboo tencel mix. 

A newborn unisex baby sweater with one wooden button with a fern leaf burned onto it. The button comes from Brickbubble and her buttons are so adorable. 

This yarn was sent to me from my friend Kare at Intellexual Design Custom Footwear & Accessories. It’s a black cotton yarn but there’s this amazing metallic thread woven into the yarn and it changes colour. 

The colour of the metallic strand is actually reminiscent of the rainbow in a soap bubble. Green/pink/purple. 

Here’s that baby sweater I was telling you about. So this can be a matching set with the baby hat but that wasn’t my intention when I knit them. This sweater has more Bruckbubble buttons…

Bruckbubble buttons with little baby chicks burned onto them. Aren’t they adorable??

My friend Aimee at The Little Bird Designs needed some yoga socks in hot pink! I was happy to oblige. I knit them in a ribbed stitch because a little birdie (heh) told me she has thin feet. Rubbed stitch is better at hugging you so if you need to make it a better fit, go with the rubbed. 

These mittens were part of an idea that didn’t work out but I’m not done trying to the idea. The pattern is actually just a repeat pattern used in a baby sweater but I thought it was pretty for these Snow White mittens. This is the Downton Abbey Lady Mary yarn. It’s got a strand of metallic silver woven through it but it’s extremely hard to capture that in a photo. 

Here’s that same patter but in a purple hat. This yarn is so soft that it would be perfect as a chemo cap. 

I had just finished knitting a hat with this vibrant yarn but only had the one skein. I hate to waste yarn so I turned the remainder into a coffee cozy. I used to make these all the time (I once made 35 for a group of friends in Europe) and love using a yarn that changes colour. 

This scarf was already in the shop but had to be reshot. Red is the most difficult colour to shoot. I love these scarves and am going through my UFO (unfinished objects) bags and found quite a few of them. Apparently I didn’t feel like weaving in the ends of a number of scarves. (Insert eye roll)

I knit this rainbow baby blanket for a lady who is having a rainbow baby. I’d never heard the term until a few years ago. A rainbow baby is a baby born after the loss of a baby. Very sweet and I’m honoured she’s asked me to make it for her. 

More hand dyed bamboo yarn. This baby sweater, also with wooden Brickbubble buttons, also using that repeat pattern we saw in the mittens and hat, is for a dear friends daughter. I’m reading a pair of arm warmers and a sweater for a custom made leather belt. Check out @leoninestudios on Instagram or – she just came back from working at the Invictus Games!

I was asked by a customer if non-slip slippers for tots was possible so I made my standard newborn to 3 months booties, and then a pair of booties for a 6-18 month old. So sweet!

I took a barre Pilates class and these were for the instructor. Her favourite colour is orange (and her class is hella hard! Pilates by Bernadette in Pickering). 

This past winter I made so many Star Wars hats it was pretty crazy. The best part was customizing the saying. 

Here are the arm warmers I made for my friend in exchange for the leather belt. 

And today these were scheduled. This blue is just gorgeous! Tardis blue fingerless gloves for all the whovians. 


Facebook Scam Pages

Ok, folks. It’s time for a lesson in how to easily spot a Facebook scam page.

If you’re a small business then chances are you have a page on Facebook. If you haven’t yet, you will eventually be hit with a scam page trying to convince you that you’ve violated Facebook’s terms or policies. You will then be given a link, asked to click on the link, and threatened with an account block if you don’t click said link.

Normally I wouldn’t care about these pages but I see a shocking number of people who are falling prey to these scam pages and I find it baffling. A great number of people who’ve spent a large amount of years on the internet and they don’t know how to spot the signs. Since I’m a small business owner, I feel it’s my duty to help a brother/sister out by showing them how to easily spot the signs of a scam page.

First on the list is one I personally received two days ago. I was quite excited to finally get mine because I’ve watched everyone else get these scam pages so this is me, finally making it in the Facebook pages world!

The most important thing you need to notice is that the people who are sharing your posts are just pages. Pages JUST. LIKE. YOURS. You honestly think Facebook would tell you that you’ve violated their terms and services by sharing said violation for all the world to see? Come on, guys. That’s like your doctor telling the world about that thing he found.

So. Take a look at this screen shot and really look at it. This isn’t your page so you don’t need to panic. Take your time and go through it, word by word, line by line.

Second. It’s important to pay attention to the font of the page name. Does Privacy Policy’s page name not look weird to you? Of course it does. That’s because they’re not using normal letters in their title. It’s the ‘i’ that’s weird but it’s so subtle that if grammar/punctuation/spelling/English isn’t your strong suit, you’ll miss it.
Third. Next in Privacy Policy’s post is their blatant inability to figure out what words Should be Capitalized and Which Ones Shouldn’t.
Come on. The name of a person (Lindsay) or a place (Naples) gets capitalized, or an organization (Facebook, MySpace, iTunes). Not Page or Disabled. You can’t capitalize random words all willy nilly.
Third point a. Lack of English skills. Read this sentence out loud for me, word for word: “It is caused someone has reported you that there were irregularities of content, for violating terms of service.”
THERE ARE WORDS MISSING AND OTHERS MISSPELLED. It SHOULD read, “It is because someone has reported your post” or “Someone has reported your post as spam” etc. etc..
Third point b. Not really an issue in this post but punctuation. In a post about your violation, Facebook is not going to use an exclamation mark. They’re a business. That’s not to say that Facebook hasn’t had obvious typos, because they have and I’ve caught them. That’s just human error. But in scammy pages like this, improper punctuation, grammar, translation from (random language) to English, and spelling are your tell-tale signs that they may not be as legit as they would like you to believe.

Fourth. Count how many times the word “confirm” or “re-confirm” shows up in this picture. Go ahead, I’ll wait. (It’s 6.)
The people who write these posts are scaring you into thinking that if you do not confirm your page, that your account will be blocked or disabled. That’s why the second line is, “Your Page will be Disabled!” Note the use of the exclamation mark, as well as Page and Disabled being capitalized for emphasis, and then there’s 6 ‘confirm’s telling you to confirm your page. If there are more confirms and disabled/blocked account, then you’re more likely to be psychologically bullied into thinking you need to confirm your page. You do not.

Fifth is a scammy link that does not start with the words:
All Facebook subpages begin with followed by whatever area you’re looking to navigate to next. Here are some examples:
Note the fact that every link begins with but there’s also that https thing. Hmm. Haven’t seen that before? You have and you should know what it is. Whenever you go shopping, if you do not see https then you shut that shit down and shop elsewhere. https is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It is, basically, security that protects the information that’s being sent.
So now you see that the link that’s included with this post? Scam.

Sixth. If you’ve honestly violated Facebook’s terms and conditions in ANY way, they would investigate the claim; notify you in a post, one that only YOU can see, that they received a report from an anonymous user; what the report claims (nudity, scam, abuse, etc.); they’ve investigated said claim; and then what their outcome is. But that’s all done in a manner that only you can see. No one else should be able to see that and, if you click on Privacy Policy’s page, or any scamming page like it, you’ll see the violations of other people.

Scroll through the photos I’ve included and you’ll see different scammy page names but the message is all the same. Some sort of violation, please click the link, we’ll steal your info.

They’re asking you to click on the link and I assume re-enter all your Facebook, such as login email as well as your password. If you HAVE fallen prey and have clicked said link, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD NOW. You can find that in your Security Settings under General, or here:

You’re going to log yourself out of all devices. Facebook will ask you if you want to do that and you will say yes. Next you want to take yourself through a thorough Privacy Basics and what that will do is go through and check any apps you have added, any suspicious activity, and then you have the chance to remove them.
The next step is going through your Activity Log. You can find that on your profile page. Go through that and see if there’s anything you’ve posted, anything you’ve commented, anything you’ve liked that YOU haven’t done. Remove it.

Now, the obvious last step is if you have received one of these notifications, go to the actual page and report it as harassment or abuse, or as a spam/scam page. In the right hand corner you’ll see three dots. You click that and that’s where you’ll find the Report option.

Now that I’ve armed you with information, please either share this post with your biz friends, or share the information found therein.