Vacation pictures, for those that care – IMAGE HEAVY

“bocce ball with father in law and hubby. hubby and I won a game each.”

“ultimate smoring happening – it’s where you put the chocolate INSIDE the marshmallow and THEN roast the marshmallow”

“facebomb your friends? just a little weird?”

“I have made fire!! now where’s wilson!?”

“I kissed a toad and I didn’t like it”

“too cold to beach so instead I start a baby sweater. Not for me, for the record”

“luscious bakery cheese bread. so delish”

“hole in one at putterama – the 19th hole is hard. if you get it in the hole (one chance) then you win this token, which I’ve been trying to win for 8.5 years”

“the land is money and I disagree with charging people to walk on land that you used to believe belongs to mother nature.”

“glass in motion glass pendant. almost every year we go I pick out a piece and hubby buys it for me. this year he’s making fun of my black heart. whatever. it’s sparkly night. they have another shop in grand bend. i like this piece, though, because it looks like an owl face”

“spf60 wasn’t helping. bought a new bottle in case my other was expired. helped somewhat but I’m just tanned now. no wicked burns”


“padawan 2”

“goodnight, Sauble. Such beautiful sunsets. I sat on the beach by myself and watched the sun set. So amazing and serene.”

“i picked a bunch o wildflowers (and weeds) on a walk with hubby and father in law. we walked to where the sauble river meets lake huron”

“Skimmer Girl. we found this skimming board abandoned and gave it to a couple of kids”

“Foggy Beach Day. this crazy day was crazy weather”

“gull. I was chasing them around while my husband considered committing me to the looney bin”

Ok, this one is difficult to see but it says, “This monument was erected in memory of all those who fought in the time war.” For the record, I wrote along the side: #Gallifrey

“about to ultimate smore, folks. not sure we can handle the excitement”

“best vacation ever!! movies, 3 tubs of candy? how can it get any better!”

“cheesebread – almost all gone in less than 24 hours”

“reminds me of coeur de l’hiver’s soap bottles”

“discount books SCORE!!”

“fingers only”

“fluffy ice cream clouds”

“i have made fire!! AGAIN!”

“kissy faces”

“momma and chicken”

“oh so hopeful – not a clue what for, though”

“pip and pop the parrots”

“read that first paragraph and tell me what you think”

“sleepy girl on the way to Sauble”

“smore face – bit dark”

“this actually happened – my fashion sense went out the window when I started shivering”

“ukulele man serenading his wifey”

“wonky face”

“woolies because it was cold”

“worst vacation ever!!”

“Inglis Falls”

“Christy at the Falls”

“Climbing the walls”

“So bored”


“high fives”


“lindsay and her chicken”

“tree growing out of a rock”

“come on, michael. time to go find your parents”

“moss covered rolling stone something something”

“pretty water”

“proof that sometimes, camera phones cannot take an accurately coloured photo. I swear to god that my chest never looked like it was covered in lava. …well, not this year, anyway”

“yep. didn’t look like that.”


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