revetro + Alice & Lois + Instagram = a new ring!

I have previously blogged about how amazing and gorgeous the items in this Etsy shop are. reVetro takes old glass bottles, cuts them, tumbles them until they’re soft around the edges, and produces beautiful jewelry. (Edit: to be honest, I’m not sure what their process is, I’m merely speculating. Surely they’ll forgive me if I’m wrong)
It’s a stunning way to (re)create beautiful pieces of jewelry, at affordable prices for you (the buyer), and clean up the earth a bit.



I follow reVetro on facebook (and you should, too! They’re always doing some sort of contest or giveaway. They’re not only supremely talented, they’re generous, too) and saw that they were doing a giveaway through Alice & Lois through Instagram.
I was just coming off the high of winning a beautiful wooden burned spoon that Ashleigh Richer of ARicher Designs had made me for (because I won it!) (also, the wooden spoon can be seen in the background of the mug cozies) and thought, huh. Why not enter into this IG giveaway.
All I had to do was share this photo and follow all the rules:


Share it I did and, lo and behold, I won!

reVetro Win

reVetro Win

I can’t tell you how excited I was! Still am, in fact!! I am not ashamed to admit it – I jumped for joy. A week after being announced the winner, guess what showed up on my doorstep. I ripped that sucker open like I was Ralphie on Christmas morning.


What’s so awesome about this shop is that a little card comes with the piece of jewelry (card not photographed because I’m a boob. I do still have the card, though, so I will eventually get around to adding it here) and they’ve ticked off what your glass is made from (Bombay Sapphire Gin Bottle) as well as the material of the ring itself (pewter).


The hardest part now is deciding whether to wear it on my middle finger (where I loved wearing an old green amber piece but the band broke) (how sad was I when that happened!!!) or my ring finger. Yes! The ring is adjustable! How convenient, I know. I’m fickle and switch it up regularly, simply because I can’t decide which way looks better.

(my apologies for the oversized veins in this one)


I would dearly like to thank both reVetro and Alice & Lois for hosting this giveaway, and for whomever allowed me to win this gorgeous ring. I love it so much! I show it off to everyone and tell them where they can buy their own.


Alice & Lois:

ARicher Designs:


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