Month: March 2014

Etsy Finds

I fell in love with this “bear rug” a couple of years ago (give or take) and it is no longer available. This little business blew my socks off with how incredible the detail is. If you check their Sold Items you’ll be amazed by what you see. In fact, I’ll include the link to their sold items so you can see how incredibly talented this artist is! And they are truly artists!



Link to sold items —>


The Count of Monte Cristo

Ask me what my favourite book is and I’ll tell you it’s a tie between Gone With The Wind and The Count of Monte Cristo.

But, truly, I think The Count is my favourite. Every year I read this book. I cannot explain why I get the urge. It comes anywhere from February to April and I NEED to read it. It’s not a passing thought, like, “Oh, it would be nice to read such and such.”
No no. It’s a need. I can’t explain why so don’t ask.
I’m also the world’s pickiest Ending reader. 99% of books have the cheesiest, most obvious, or most disappointing endings. I think it’s the reason I’ve delayed finishing my own book for so long – for fear that mine will be equally as shitty.

The Count, though, is perfect in every aspect. M. Dumas didn’t drone on like some writers. He wove this beautiful, angry, deep soul of a character who ruins peoples lives in order to exact revenge on the three people who put him in jail and yes, he feels remorse at one point (poor Valentine et Maximilian!) but at no point does the reader think, “Dude. Little too far there.” Nope, you pretty much cheer Edmond on while he ruins the lives of countless people, becoming an accessory to his plot and their ruin.
And every time, I am a sucker. I have read this beloved book (so often that I ruined my copy – it’s taped together) perhaps 10 times in as many years and each time I secretly worry that he won’t find the treasure.
Idiot. Of COURSE he’s going to find the treasure!!

And the ending. The ending is perfect. Though I still think Edmond should run away with Mercedes, alas…

However, I am in the middle of reading Wild by CHeryl Strayed and then after that it’s Life After Life by Kate Atkinson. I have a few more books on hold that I’m eagerly awaiting.
The Fault In Our Stars
The Book Thief
A Long Way Down

So there you have it. It’s almost time to seek revenge with The Count and I can’t wait!

What are your favourite books? What are you reading right now?

My first and Last Blog on Autism…Ever.

Read this. While I am blessed that my daughters autism pales in comparison, it is true that I am jealous of parents who have normal children – they blissfully don’t understand what it is to fear your own death. Not just for the obvious reasons but for questions like, will she miss me? Who will care for her? Will people take advantage of her?
In my profession I see a lot of homeless people who are mentally disabled in some way and my greatest fear is that she will be like them.
Please please please try and understand the fears, anger, jealousy of autism moms. And definitely don’t tell us how god gave us a child with autism because he knew we could handle it, or whatever that stupid line is. We’re just trying to stay above water most days.

Battle Wounds and Heartache

This is my first and last blog on Autism. Ever.

I wake up every morning with knots in my stomach. Anxiety dominates my world. Why? Because my daughter is severely autistic. She is currently in a rehabilitation program, but that doesn’t matter. Peace doesn’t exist in my world. Even more importantly, it probably doesn’t exist in hers either. I can’t be sure of that however because for the most part she is non-verbal. She will be a teenager this year and is still in diapers. She can talk a little. She can ask for snacks ie. chocolate, twizzlers. She can also say “bath” and a few other things. She is beautiful. But she can also be violent. She functions somewhere between an 18 month old and a 2 and half year old. She has no tact. Point to the lamp. “Maggie, what is this?” She replies “this”. To which I…

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