fitness pep talk

My last day as a smoker was Labour Day. It was a pretty tough week, for sure, but I managed to make it through.

In November we got memberships to the gym and got racquetball memberships. That meant we could use the gym and the pool and the racquetball courts, too. We opted for the family yearly membership and, except for Christmas time, we’ve done really well.

I’ve been really bad, though. I’ve been weighing myself. And I know that I shouldn’t because I’m smarter than that. I know that cuting out crap foods (we have a cheat day), quitting smoking, drinking more water (ugh) and walking to the gym, working out and using the pool, playing racquetball, that this puts me ahead of where we were. FAR ahead of where we were. But it’s still frustrating to see the numbers go down and then back up again. I’m smarter than that, though. I know that it’s not the number that counts but how I feel.

So I decided this week to take my measurements. I’m not posting them here, nor am I going to take my measurements again until February 28th. One month after taking them. Had I been smart I’d have taken my measurements the day we got our memberships but that’s okay.

I can honestly say that I feel great. 9 years ago I was a size 6/8. Today I am a 12/14/16 (style depending). I know, though, that my worth is not a number found in the lining of my pants. Nor will I let fashion magazines (which I don’t read) tell me I am not good enough.

On Tuesday we bought weights and did a Fitness Blender workout. On Wednesday I wanted to divorce my legs and on Thursday I filed the papers. I’d had enough.
It’s hard, admitting that, as a former dancer I ain’t what I used to be. I need to learn to take it easy. Not push myself so hard. That it took 5 or so years to put this weight on so I need to accept that it’ll take as many to lose it. Surprisingly, though, my upper body muscles, which are Olive Oil wimpy, aren’t in much pain.

Now that my legs and I are on speaking terms, I’m looking forward to getting back to the gym on Monday. (we skipped Wednesday because hubby had a course and Thursday, Racquetball day, was cancelled on account of threatening to cut the thigh muscles out)

So, in 27 days I take new measurements. Here’s hoping I see a difference!


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