Cell post

This will be my first, and hopefully successful, post from my cell phone. I’m only posting from my phone because I took a photo of the yarn and sweater I’m working on. Hopefully this post goes through ok. And sorry for the shitty cell phone picture. It really drowns out the colour. It’s a TARDIS teal blue.
It’s for my mom who is a reformed Whovian. My brother and me tried getting her to watch Dr Who when we were kids but she was having none of that. Now that it’s cool, she’s all over it. Should’ve just listened to her kids.

(The yarn is Knit Picks super wash merino wool, 24957)



Otherwise, I’m finishing up scarf number one. It’s currently blocking and is a pattern I’ll never use again, mostly because blocking has to be the most annoying thing in the world (and yes, my mothers sweater does have to be blocked – thanks for pointing that out). Surely to god I’m not the only one who thinks so…? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Can’t I just knit the damn thing and be done with it? Sorry, my lazy is showing.

In other late night thoughts I found out that Anna Bates (ok, not Anna but the actress Joanne Froggatt) is the same age as I am. Which made me wonder, do I look that old? (Because I thought she was older than I am) And then I realized I’m not 20 anymore but will be 35 in less than two months.
Excuse me while I slather on some anti-wrinkle cream!

(And in no way does Anna look old, she looks her age. I just keep forgetting I’m 15 years older than I feel/think)

Also very excited that I can schedule posts via my cell. God I love technology!


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