current knitty projects

I’ve got several projects on the go (what crafter doesnt’!). I’m knitting two scarves for a sometimes-co-worker. She better feel special, too, because I hate knitting scarves. They’re boring and they take forever. However, her scarves are a little bit different and when they’re done I’ll upload photos for you to see.

Then there’s my mom’s sweater. Again, another project that I hate. Sweaters are huge projects and tend to be really boring. But it’s my Mom. It would be the same if my husband asked me to make him a(nother) sweater. His sweater, actually, was the first I’d ever knit. I didn’t do too badly but the arms are a little too long for him.

I’ve got a pair of fingerless gloves that I’m working on, some swiffer cloths I need my friend Coeur de L’Hiver to test out and report back on, of course the Lady Sybil set (I have yet to find the right colour though I do know what I want – it’s a dusty blue from Bernat, I believe).


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