revamping things

I recently borrowed a friend’s book “Craft Inc” and it’s really putting some aspects of my knitty business into focus. Mainly the fact that, in my eyes, it’s still just a hobby. And while I know it could never be a full time business, I do think that I need to revamp it and up my game.
So a great big thank you to Thunderpeep Designs http:// for lending me that book. While I’m not done the book, I’m taking notes and it’s making me think and rethink a few things. Which means I’ve gone back to read and re-read a few things.

Another friend who deserves some credit is The Quilted Valkyrie for her guidance and honesty. Yep, the stash does need to be organized. Yep, the photography skills need some improving. A lot to consider in the photography area, especially considering my house is an east/west house with two windows in my loft that are north and zero south windows. TQV takes tremendously beautiful photos and I definitely look to her for inspiration.

And, of course, a lot of thanks to my hubby for his patience. Yarn Mountain finally has a home in the storage room and it all fit. I still need to organize it and buy more rubbermaids but he sacrificed a corner of his Man Cave for the sake of Yarn Mountain. Love you, honey!

As part of my revamp, I’m playing around with different themes on here, trying to find one that I like. While my brand is me and my quirky personality, trying to find a clean theme that I like has been difficult. I’m rather picky and fickle, which means that I’ll be changing things up for quite a while. I’ve already changed the theme 9 or 12 times since two days ago.

Also, I’m rather bitter because I had a dream last night that I had knit a beautiful hat that everyone loved and was literally knitting it (and its matching gloves) year-round. I woke up and couldn’t remember what the damn thing looked like.

I’m also going to try and make more of an effort to blog. We’ll see how that goes!




  1. Hello there, who is “craft inc” by ? as I need a few pointers if I want to achieve some of my dreams & goals thank you

    1. It’s written by Meg Mateo Ilasco and is written in a way that makes it easy to understand. Some things don’t pertain to me, being Canadian and she’s talking about things American. But if you can find it, definitely read it. It’s wonderful and extremely helpful!

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