Month: January 2014

Cell post

This will be my first, and hopefully successful, post from my cell phone. I’m only posting from my phone because I took a photo of the yarn and sweater I’m working on. Hopefully this post goes through ok. And sorry for the shitty cell phone picture. It really drowns out the colour. It’s a TARDIS teal blue.
It’s for my mom who is a reformed Whovian. My brother and me tried getting her to watch Dr Who when we were kids but she was having none of that. Now that it’s cool, she’s all over it. Should’ve just listened to her kids.

(The yarn is Knit Picks super wash merino wool, 24957)



Otherwise, I’m finishing up scarf number one. It’s currently blocking and is a pattern I’ll never use again, mostly because blocking has to be the most annoying thing in the world (and yes, my mothers sweater does have to be blocked – thanks for pointing that out). Surely to god I’m not the only one who thinks so…? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Can’t I just knit the damn thing and be done with it? Sorry, my lazy is showing.

In other late night thoughts I found out that Anna Bates (ok, not Anna but the actress Joanne Froggatt) is the same age as I am. Which made me wonder, do I look that old? (Because I thought she was older than I am) And then I realized I’m not 20 anymore but will be 35 in less than two months.
Excuse me while I slather on some anti-wrinkle cream!

(And in no way does Anna look old, she looks her age. I just keep forgetting I’m 15 years older than I feel/think)

Also very excited that I can schedule posts via my cell. God I love technology!


current knitty projects

I’ve got several projects on the go (what crafter doesnt’!). I’m knitting two scarves for a sometimes-co-worker. She better feel special, too, because I hate knitting scarves. They’re boring and they take forever. However, her scarves are a little bit different and when they’re done I’ll upload photos for you to see.

Then there’s my mom’s sweater. Again, another project that I hate. Sweaters are huge projects and tend to be really boring. But it’s my Mom. It would be the same if my husband asked me to make him a(nother) sweater. His sweater, actually, was the first I’d ever knit. I didn’t do too badly but the arms are a little too long for him.

I’ve got a pair of fingerless gloves that I’m working on, some swiffer cloths I need my friend Coeur de L’Hiver to test out and report back on, of course the Lady Sybil set (I have yet to find the right colour though I do know what I want – it’s a dusty blue from Bernat, I believe).

revamping things

I recently borrowed a friend’s book “Craft Inc” and it’s really putting some aspects of my knitty business into focus. Mainly the fact that, in my eyes, it’s still just a hobby. And while I know it could never be a full time business, I do think that I need to revamp it and up my game.
So a great big thank you to Thunderpeep Designs http:// for lending me that book. While I’m not done the book, I’m taking notes and it’s making me think and rethink a few things. Which means I’ve gone back to read and re-read a few things.

Another friend who deserves some credit is The Quilted Valkyrie for her guidance and honesty. Yep, the stash does need to be organized. Yep, the photography skills need some improving. A lot to consider in the photography area, especially considering my house is an east/west house with two windows in my loft that are north and zero south windows. TQV takes tremendously beautiful photos and I definitely look to her for inspiration.

And, of course, a lot of thanks to my hubby for his patience. Yarn Mountain finally has a home in the storage room and it all fit. I still need to organize it and buy more rubbermaids but he sacrificed a corner of his Man Cave for the sake of Yarn Mountain. Love you, honey!

As part of my revamp, I’m playing around with different themes on here, trying to find one that I like. While my brand is me and my quirky personality, trying to find a clean theme that I like has been difficult. I’m rather picky and fickle, which means that I’ll be changing things up for quite a while. I’ve already changed the theme 9 or 12 times since two days ago.

Also, I’m rather bitter because I had a dream last night that I had knit a beautiful hat that everyone loved and was literally knitting it (and its matching gloves) year-round. I woke up and couldn’t remember what the damn thing looked like.

I’m also going to try and make more of an effort to blog. We’ll see how that goes!


in actual knitting news

I knit a hat and matching gloves and it makes me think of something Lady Mary Crawley would wear in Downton Abbey. Then I knit a second set in a soft salmony pink and thought of Lady Edith. I have yet to knit a third set for Lady Sybil. I’m thinking a dusty blue though.

I just love the look of this set, though it’s not my style at all.



Dry Humping The Drywall

At the end of my break at work, I went to use the facilities. When I attempted to do up my pants, the bar on the ‘hook and bar’ closure came off. Fantastic.

The bar looks like a whacked out staple so I think, Okay, if I can staple it back into the fabric, I should be good to go. I manage to get the staple into the fabric but with two years worth of strain (read: a little extra baggage) the prongs have pulled themselves nearly straight. Ok, no problem, I think. I just need to flatten them. Using the wall I press the staple back into an almost staple shape (so that I can still get the staple stapled into the fabric), stick the staple into the fabric and again attempt to do up my pants.
There goes the staple, on the floor. Great.
Now, you have to understand that seeing the actual staple in my pants is difficult considering the size of The Girls. For some reason I didn’t think to sit down, no. Hindsight is filled with assholes.

I digress.

I flatten the staple a little bit more and staple it into the fabric again. I was about to do up my pants and the staple just falls to the floor without my even touching it.
I have to admit, this is where I started to panic a little. I have 6 hours left in my shift and I don’t have pants that will stay “done up”. I don’t even have a spare pair of pants in my locker (though I have two extra shirts, two extra ties and an extra set of epaulettes). I then picture myself calling the head office and asking if the dude on shift can get into the uniform room and having to explain why and who I am. I could name drop (do you know who my husband is??) but then my husband would wonder what kind of a moron he married (one without secure pants). Opting not to be the butt of some joke (ha!), I decide to attempt a few more times to put the staple in the fabric and hope for the best, without any success at all.

Clearly, I think, the prongs need to be flattened a little more AFTER it’s been stapled to the fabric. Ok, I have a plan. I push the staple into the fabric and then try pushing the staple flat with my thumb and fingers. With very little success, I might add. I just don’t have the proper pressure or strength that’s required. I need something big and flat and strong. The wall! I put the staple into the fabric again (I’m surprised there’s any fabric left, to be honest) and, getting up close and personal with the wall (how YOU doin!), I proceed to ‘flatten’ the staple. Catching myself in the mirror, I realize it look like I’m humping the wall.

If I could’ve facepalmed myself I would’ve but they were too busy assisting in my dry humping a plaster/cement wall.

I grab my radio and tell the guy who’s sitting at my desk that he can go, I’ll only be another minute, which sounds quite perverse. I worry I’ll be longer than a minute but I didn’t want to explain to him what was going on, least of all over the radio.

With my forehead on the wall, feeling defeated, I decide to pull the staple out completely, move it over a few millimeters and attempt to flatten the staple again/hump the wall. Finally it flattens and I do up my pants.

There is no moral to this story. Just me praying my pants will make it through the last hour of my shift.