Christmas ornaments

I’m part of an artisan group and we decided to do an ornament exchange for Christmas. I don’t know the person (I mean, I know them but I don’t) I got but checked out some photos on Facebook and I think I know what to make them. It’ll probably be super cheesy but hopefully they’ll think it’s cute, too.
Of course, I can’t say what it is, not yet, at least. Not until after the big reveal, which we’re all doing the same day. VERY exciting!!

In the meantime, I’m happy I’ve been adding more things to the shop lately. Now I just need to finish up all the other items I’ve got half finished. Man, us knitters/hookers are terrible for that.



  1. Bo May = Cheapskate. Don’t worry about losing your moldy $10 bill to our homeless prwvHct.eooejer, extra $10 won’t make you rich or poor. You are a cheap scum.

  2. “Entä mistä sarjasta löytäisi hiusten luomun selvityssuihkeen?”Jos vaahtomuotoinen jätettävä hoitoaine mahtuu tuohon rooliin, niin sitten Santen Schaumkur. Toimii mulla ainakin.Ja Hauskatohtoreista – olin kokeillut ihonpuhdistukseen siis p-voidetta ja p-maitoa, ne ei toimi. P-öljyä en ole kokeillut.

  3. LET’S BE CLEAR…I’m a liberal guy, but I know all to well the trouble that a person like my boy can get into in the long run if his behavior goes unchecked. He’s three feet tall, full of energy, fearless, and black a heck of a combination and one that requires a …

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