So this kid in the States wears a t-shirt and causes a raucus. I don’t understand why anyone gives two shits about someone’s shirt when there’s nothing offensive on it.
But these are now the times we live in, when someone’s religious beliefs are cause for offense.
So the kid loves Jesus. Get over it. So the other kid loves Metallica. Get over it.
How is it that you find he’s throwing Jesus in your face? Because YOU think he’s telling you that because you don’t believe in Jesus that you’re wasting your life? So you’re interpreting his t-shirt and his message about it. Well that’s a little stupid. Ass u me and all that.
I’m not religious, nor do I give a shit if you’re religious. Do I have beliefs? Of course I do. Do I care to share them with you? Only if you ask. My beliefs are something I hold closely to my heart. If you choose to be vocal about yours then that is your right. But don’t piss on someone else’s parade.
How about you leave the damn kid alone. He’s not tossing his religious beliefs down your throat, you’re just interpreting it that way. And hey, guess what? That’s YOUR fault, not his.
If he were ringing your doorbell and trying to sell you on Jesus, then maybe you have a leg to stand on.

My god, we’ve become an annoying society!


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