Month: April 2012

A Month Later

It’s been a month since I’ve written in my blog. Man, I’m terrible with this!! If anyone out there in cyberland actually reads my blog then my apologies.
I haven’t even finished my Maui Travel Diary. I should get on that, too!

On Etsy, where I sell my wares, I’m part of the T.E.S.T. (Toronto Etsy Street Team) and I recently took part in their interview series. I interviewed Calliope Kitten and she interviewed me and I loved it, to be honest. I’m glad I was paired with Calliope Kitten. She has a great sense of humour and her jewellery is gorgeous and fun. Here are both interviews:

I’m doing my first craft show this coming weekend and I’m definitely nervous. I want to go in there and learn about the process of craft shows and how they work and what sells and what doesn’t. What’s popular in the spring time and what isn’t. While I’d like to come away with a crap load of sales, I’m also preparing myself for the possibility that it won’t happen.
And I’ve had a few moments of regret and sort of thought that I should back out. What if I’m not good enough TO sell at a craft show? What if I’m just kidding myself and should just stick to knitting for friends and family? I suppose everyone has these thoughts when they’re about to do their first show. I just worry that my knitting isn’t good enough.
I still have a lot of winter stuff but the weather has been pretty crappy lately so hopefully that helps with those sales.
I have to focus now on my table set up. I’ve got an idea in mind and will be bringing some things to spice the table up a bit, make it less boring, sorta deal. I’ll have to make sure I bring the tablecloth, too. From the photos I’ve seen and loved, everyone has a tablecloth (white or black) and it looks good. I’m trying to figure out if I want to put up a banner from end to end on the table or behind me on the wall (I’ve got a booth in the corner against a wall so I may take advantage of that).
I’ve even planned out my outfit, if you can believe that. How silly is that! Needless to say, there’ll be a little bit of Maui on my body that day.
I also have flyers and take home/care sheets for anything that IS purchased, and little signs that talk about custom orders and just all kinds of little things that I really need to get done this week.

Our fridge is coming on Tuesday so once it comes then it’s business time!