Month: March 2012

New Things

So I’ve been accepted to the Durham Region Crafters Community, which is oh so cool (I’m not being facetious). They are having a spring craft fair in May, which I’m terrified to do. I’m not very good at selling myself. I’m good at talking to people (as long as they’re not idiots) and being friendly and such, but it’s different when you’re selling yourself. I don’t want to sell myself to the point that the people hate me and I turn into THAT vendor (the one that doesn’t leave you alone). THen again, I don’t want to be the vendor that doesn’t try and sell ANYthing. So we’ll see how that goes. May 5th is the day for the Craft Fair. I hope I do well. I have almost 50 items to bring with me and hopefully by May 1st I’ll have a wider variety of spring goodies. I bought colourful tags on Etsy and will attach those to all the items for prices and fibre content. I’m currently waiting for the tags to arrive, though their status on Etsy isn’t shipped yet. However, I have forgotten to click the shipped button before so I’m hoping that’s all it is.


One of the Etsy sellers …. on … Etsy…(rephrase, Lindsay!). Ok, on Etsy, I’m part of the TESTy team. Toronto Etsy Street Team. One of the ladies offered to create a logo for Knitty Little Secret in exchange for leg warmers. I’m SO down for that because her art is SUPER awesome. It’s fun, she uses amazing colours, and her little people are totally how I see myself (I see myself as someone living in a comical world. I am neither the hero nor the villain but I am rather amusing, cute and hip) (this is all in my head, of course, and in real life I am NOTHING like I am in my own mind). I started an Etsy search for yarn for her leg warmers. She gave me free reign for colours (as I’ve done with her) so it was a task trying to find yarn that I KNEW was what I wanted. And I realized that when I’m purchasing yarn with no specific customer in mind, I fall in love with yarn frequently. But when there’s someone in mind, a specific knitted item in mind, I am TERRIBLY picky. Finally, though, an Etsy shop in New Mexico had just the yarn. I’m trying to be VERY patient, waiting for it to arrive.

On top of that, she had the AWESOMEST (is, too, a word) greeting cards and I could NOT pass them up. Not that my husband reads my blog (or anyone, for that matter) but I can’t reveal what they are until I give them out. One of the cards was for him. It was sloth saying, Hey You Guys! ha ha ha Mike randomly says that out of nowhere. So awesome.


What else is going on. I’ve been knitting dust cloths the past two days. I hate Swiffer’s lack of environmentally friendly options so I’ve got some dust cloths (that work in an amazingly awesome way) and am now making some swiffer mop cloths. I had knit one up but didn’t want to knit any more until I knew the dimensions of the swiffer mop. I’ve got the dimensions so now I’ll knit some more up and sell them at the Craft Fair and Etsy. 


Tonight I work a 16 hour shift. It’s going to suck but then I get my Friday into Saturday shift off so I don’t mind at all.   I’ve done 20 hour shifts and I’ve done 16 hour shifts. I’ve also got a red bull in my locker which I’ll pull out at 9am for that extra kick through the morning. Then it’s coffeecoffeecoffee all afternoon.


I don’t know that there’s much else new. Spring is here and as much as I love Spring, I miss the shit out of winter. Only because we didn’t have one. I think they said it was our lowest snowfall on record or something. Regardless, there it is. No snotsicles, no pond hockey, no snowmen, no snow angels or snowball fights or even the occasional snow job (I’m such a loving mother, giving my kids snow jobs).

And man oh man, would I love a privacy fence. I think this summer may be the summer I kill my annoying neighbour. I’ll try to refrain from stabbing him repeatedly but I cannot guarantee a thing.


I’m hungry and need to prepare for my semi-hibernation this evening so I’ll go shove food into my face.