Hawai’i – Day 4

I completely stuffed myself at breakfast this morning. I’m sure I looked like a piggy pig but I didn’t care. Croissant, some sort of danish, pineapple, melons, scrambled eggs, bacon, panclocks, sausage and the ground beef mash (no clue what it is). I found the sausage to be a bit spicy today. I was unable to eat the danish and croissant so I took them back to the room.

We decided to hop the bus to Lahaina but got off at the Cannery Mall, one stop early. There was a lady at the information booth who approached us with info and maps. She seemed very helpful…a little TOO helpful. Then she starts talking about how we’ll get this 100$ credit card and 40% off card if we go to this place and listen to their shpeel. She asked if we were over 28 and a few other questions. Then she asked if we make 69k a year. HA! We laughed and said no. She asked if we made that combined. We again said no. At that point she was done with us. Sorry, lady.
We walked out the back of the mall and found the Old Lahaina Lu’au. Mental note was made as we want to go there.
Then we walked to Old Lahaina. It reminded me … the buildings reminded me of New Orleans or Dawson City. It was pretty to look at the buildings but was otherwise unimpressive.
We saw an art gallery where they do some fancy stuff with their incredible photos. And the photography truly was incredible. However, the cheapest photo they had was 16 x 24 for $750. And that’s just not our cup of tea. The ones we saw hanging up and loved were 2700$. For an amazing painting? Depends on the painting. For a photo? Not likely. Don’t get me wrong, I’d kill to be able to take such incredible photographs. But I certainly wouldn’t charge that much if I could.

We walked to Banyan Tree park, which was filled with artisans, which was nice but made it difficult to really admire the tree itself. And boy! Was it beautiful! I just loved the way it grew. And the fact that each “tree” in the park was from the main tree in the middle. It was pretty spectacular.

But other than Banyan Tree park neither of us was really impressed by Lahaina. For me, I enjoyed the old buildings but I wouldn’t go back.
We did end up walking for … well we grabbed the 9am bus and caught the 2:50 bus home.
And everyone asks, in no particular order: where are you from? Are you here on your honeymoon? Most of the time I forget to ask where they come from. (and I feel obligated to ask, like it’s the tourist code of ethics, but I really don’t care to ask. It’s not that I don’t care, but I don’t care.) Oh well. After we got back we booked a few tours. The Old Lahaina Lu’au, a sunset sail, the Road To Hana tour and the Haleakala Sunrise tour. We’ve decided for the Hana and Haleakala that it would be best if someone else did the driving, especially since the sunrise drive is at 3 in the morning!

After we booked everything we went to the beach. The waves were strong and powerful. WE got a message this morning on our phone. The surf is dangerous from now until tomorrow evening but boy are those waves fun to play in!

For dinner we went to the Tiki Terrace restaurant here. I got the Pulau pork bruschetta and the ko’ala lamb chops. Mike got the caesar salad (which was HUGE!) and the tenderloin and shrimp kebab with teriyaki sauce. It was very tasty!

During dinner they have nightly hula and music shows. They’re really good and there was one little kid, he was pretty cute and fun to watch.

We were so completely stuffed that we got myc ake to go. There was no way I would be able to eat it, which sucks because it was free (we’d used the free 3 course dinner for one coupon). After dinner we came back to the room. I looked at all our photos so far (boy, am I glad I brought the laptop!). I didn’t take any that were award winning but I did get a few nice ones.

So our area that we’re staying in is Ka’anapali and it’s a whole strip, right up to Napili, of hotels. While this is the most, perhaps, popular place to stay on the Island, considering the number of people who are here, there are very few people at the beach. Except for today. There were a lot of people watching the waves. But it still wasn’t what I’d call busy. I’ve seen more people at the breakfast line than the beach.

Well, I love our maid Nelly. She always answers our (my) little notes. Tomorrow I’m going to ask her about music. We both really love Brudda Iz but wherever we go he’s the only person we hear playing so hopefully Nelly will give me some names. I’m sure she either loves our notes or completely hates us. Oh well, she gets a tup everyday from us and I love that she answers my questions.

We stayed up late tonight. We were in bed at 1045. If we were home we’d be in bed around 1am. Then again, 1045 Maui time is 3:45 Toronto time.


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