Hawai’i Day 2

Mike set the alarm for 0830 hrs but it didn’t go off. That’s okay; we woke up just 0800hrs … why am I still writing in military time?!

Anyhow. WE went for breakfast. There’s nothing like pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, pineapple and meaty grits, all drenched in syrup, to get your day started.

I should mention, though. While the beggars are so adorable, they are persistent. The hotel asks you to not feed then, of course. No need to encourage them. However they’re great singers. I’m talking, of course, about the birds. Our restaurant is all open and the hotel leaves all their doors open so having a bird land on a chair beside you is quite common.

After breakfast…on the way TO breakfast we saw a local man sitting in the sun carving wooden statues out of koa wood, I believe. They were beautiful!

After breakfast we decided to go to the gift shop. I wanted a hat and we needed change for tips. In the lobby they had several local artists and artisans selling their wares. Apparently every day there’s a whole different group of people, but they rotate so it’s good. We’ll get to see new people and new potential gifts (for ourselves!).
We spent what felt like hours at the beach. I did get sun but I’m slathered in 60 SPF so it’s not as bad as it could have been.
The water is cool at first but incredibly warm when you get in. And you certainly don’t have to go far out till it’s deep. I think we maybe got less than ten feet out and it was up to our chests.
After we played in the water we went for a walk. We had previously gone to Black Rock where they have a nightly torch lighting ceremony and cliff diver. The King who ruled here a couple hundred years ago used to show his bravery by jumping off Black Rock. The locals believe that the souls of their ancestors jumped off from here. I’m not quite sure how it goes, exactly, but basically many were afraid to jump off of it. So the fellow who does the nightly ceremony, he lights the torches, honours the four points of the compass with his torch, throws his torch in, then honours the compass points again with his lei, tosses that in the water. Then he checks the water for divers, turtles and other creatures. When he sees the water is clear, he jumps…dives. He does a beautiful head-first dive in. So I’m looking forward to seeing that in person.
Then we walked South along the beach. Our beach sand is sand with crushed coral, lava and shells so it’s very large granules. Walking south there are large pieces of coral and lava rocks that make it onto the beach. I picked up some interesting pieces to take photographs. There’s what seems to be a red lava rock, which looks very heavy for its size but is quite light in weight.
After walking as far as we could we came back to our room and decided to go for a late lunch/early dinner, around 3.
We had previously…okay so I had previously wondered. Would they have poutine here? We went to the little fast food place on the grounds (Tiki Shack). WE both got the Teriyaki burger with grilled pineapple. And fries. I also asked for gravy on the side. “Gravy…what’s that?” the server asked. Well, that certainly answers my question. They definitely don’t have any poutine.

We have noticed a rather odd phenomenon. At breakfast, outside the tent, two feet to the left it was raining. Just a misting, really. Then two feet to the right it was dry.

WE decided to take our food back to our room. Every time we sat down at an umbrella-less table, we got wet. When we stood up – no rain.
It was a lot of food but very, very yummy! After we ate we watched a local documentary about a local Maui family and our hotel. Our hotel has been named the most Hawai’ian hotel. They all say Hawai’ian words, have Hawai’ian language and culture classes for its employees. They also have lei making, ukulele lessons and garden tours for the guests (as well as hula classes, Hawai’ian language classes for guests).
So the hotel managers decided they would, along with their 300 employees, build a traditional Hawai’ian canoe. On searching for a special tree they met the Lindsey family, whose eldest son “Sunny” (that’s his nickname – his real name is Ka’ilila’au) had died 7 years prior. Before he died he had asked his father, after placing his hand on the tree, if they could someday build a canoe with the tree. Sadly he died before it could happen. The hotel managers met with the family, who gave their blessing to give the hotel the tree (for free).
Each hotel employee, during their shifts, would work on the canoe and they all helped build it. They named it after Sunny and etched his Hawai’ian name into the canoe. They launched it, with Sunny’s ashes and the family all in attendance.
After we watched that we decided to buy some pop, alcohol and chips. We then took our cameras to the beach.
Earlier in the day we had gotten a voice message from the assistant manager Mitch. There were high winds expected of 50 mph so the surf would be dangerous. We took our cameras to take photos of the sunset (at 530 at night) and the waves. We were both amazed by the waves. Just their power. And we’re not even in an area that gets big waves! So we’re looking forward to seeing real Hawai’ian waves.
We came back and drank our Blue Hawai’i drinks. Nothing like a Blue Hawai’ian. This thing was more syrupy, more like a demented sort of medicine instead.
There are designated smoking areas on the complex, which is state law. We’re not allowed to smoke on our balcony, which I’m okay with.
We went to one of them, under our hibiscus tree and a woman came along, also a smoker. She had a pillow and an arm full of stuff so I asked her, Did you just get in? No, she’d been here for a couple of days, she said. She had just gotten back from Hana. She didn’t make it all the way. She stopped at the Garden of Eden to pee, paid 15$ to see the place, which in her mind was a waste of money. When they got back to the car it was dead. Of course, no one has jumpers because everyone is a tourist so she called the Garden of Eden management office but there was no one there. Eventually she got the car to work and continued on until she saw a sign that said SLIDE AREA. It had been raining heavily, her battery had died. The last thing she wanted was to get caught in a slide area with a dead car. So she turned around and came back. Well, it’s a story to tell everyone when you get home, I said.
She said she’ll just probably do it when she comes back next year.
Oh. Well, of course! Next year. I’ll be lucky if I EVER come back!
After we came back we flipped through the tv. We both nearly shit our pants when we saw hockey on! Vancouver at LA. We changed the channel, though. We’re in Maui. We can watch hockey anytime we want. But they do have this Maui channel where they take you around the Island and show you the sights so we watched that. It was pretty darned cool. However, at 8 pm or so, which was 1 our time, after getting so much clean and fresh air, after such a nice, albeit difficult walk in the sand, after all that sun, we were pooped.
OH. Sidetrack.
At the beginning of our Southern Beach Walk we went to the Whaler’s Village two places down, I think. It’s like an outdoor mall. Some great places to go visit. And then others are rather shocking to walk into. I fell in love with a few shirts. 210$ a piece. EACH.
Yeah, no thanks. But everyone is so polite. Not polite enough for me to spend THAT much, though. Insane. Rolex has a shop here. WE didn’t bother going in.
After Mike fell asleep on the couch (sorry, I fast forwarded to the end of the day) and I fell asleep on the bed, we had some strawberry coolers. Now…if only we could open them! Mike had one first. He tore the paper off and tried to twist off the cap. Then we tried to think of something to use to get it off. Lighter and a quarter didn’t work. So he used the blanket and it turns out it IS a twist off. HA! So I had a taste. Pretty darned yummy. We had a discussion. I called it a cooler, he called it a beer. I’m not sure how we got talking about it. Regardless, he looked at the label of mine and pointed it out: Flavoured beer. I then pointed out to him, also written on the label: Twist off cap —>


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