Home again home again…

Jigitty jig!

So we’re back from Maui and yes, it was amazing. I can’t even begin to tell you anything about it because there’s just so much to tell and really nowhere to start. While I was in Maui, however, I did keep a travel journal so when I’m settled into my routine here I’ll be posting the contents of said journal on this site. I’ll also be posting a link to my photos so that if you want to see them you can.

That’s it. I’m at work, on my second day back and I’ve just finished dealing with a fire alarm. Of course with our new system we now call ADT who then in turn calls the Fire Dept (too many men in the middle – why not just call them ourselves?!?!). Well, when our guy called ADT they put him on hold. Isn’t that nice? We have a fire alarm but no, let’s put you on hold. So the fire dept never showed up. Good thing it wasn’t a real fire!! Thanks, ADT. You’re doing a bang up job and chances are you’ve just lost that contract.

Now my elevators aren’t running properly. Great.

At least it’s my Friday and all these things are helping to pass the time.


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