latest knitty projects

So I have a knitty store. It’s on and can be found here:

These are some of the things that I dabble in. I also have a facebook page where I statusupdatetotheworld about all the things I’m creating:

So I received an order for 6 pairs of fingerless gloves from a friend of my hubby. I didn’t physically jump for joy (in public) but was DEFINITELY excited!
She works for the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) and the gloves were for her and her 5 co-workers however the glove colours has to adhere to their dress code. That’s okay. 6 pairs of gloves is 6 pairs of gloves. I undercharged her because she was buying 6. I hope she and her coworkers find them cozy and warm!

Then my friend Tammy, who owns a store in Barrie, who also has a shop on Etsy:
Tammy is a huge supporter of Autism. If you want to find out why, read up about her. Her story isn’t mine to tell.
Anyway. She’s a huge supporter of Autism and asked if I could make an Autism Puzzle Hat. When I showed her the pattern we both squealed online together because honestly, the hat totally rocks! So she’s ordered a hat for her kids (she has two – her daughter has the most adorable curls – she gets them from her Mom). She then suggested that she might sell them in her store. I have to admit, I’m still jumping for joy over that one. The thought that something that I’ve made would be in someone’s store. How. Cool. Is. That????

I’m still sort of on a high about that. We haven’t worked out the details yet, mostly because I haven’t made the hat yet (I still have 4 pairs of gloves to get through before I start the first hat) but I’m just so damned excited!!! I hope I can make it and make it well! So hope for the best for me. I’d LOVE to have my hats in her shop!!!!


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