An autobio and a warning

Quick autobio:

I’m a mom to 2 kids, one has ADHD and the other has Autism. I’m a wife to a husband who has a serious hockey obsession. I’m a slave to a cat named Persia who suffers from Spazz attacks.

I myself work (because bills need to be paid), dabble in knitting, writing, photography and dream of all the things I’ll see and make, none of which will happen because I’m a procrastinator.

I’ve been writing a book for the past 5 years. I’m constantly knitting something. I take lots of photographs, none of which will ever be award winning because I’m just too lazy to take a photography course.

This is pretty much all you need to know about me for now. And. AND I curse like a sailor. If you do not approve of cursing, of any kind, please don’t read my blog, assuming I even keep this shit up longer than a day. Consider that your warning.


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