Enter title here…unless you can’t come up with one…

I used to have two previous wordpress blogs. I deleted them both and decided to start fresh, much like a new scribbler and pencil for school. There’s nothing better than sharpening a new pencil and writing on the first page of a scribbler. (that’s PEI speak, by the way. A scribbler is a notebook or a Hilroy)

Rather than just delete the posts in both wordpress blogs, I decided to just wholly delete them. However, coming up with a title that hasn’t been used before? It’s frickin difficult!!

I came up with Hidden Valleys after about 20 minutes of thinking, typing, deleting and thinking some more of names that I could use. I really thought I was going insane. I began typing in the silliest titles I could think of. Nope, they’re all taken.

Finally, after swearing that my sanity was on the verge of running away, I decided I needed something serene. Calm. Zen. Peaceful.

Hidden Valleys-
finding my sanity in an insane world

Because let’s face it. This world is definitely insane.

Hmm….I pressed publish but it didn’t go through…well, better late than never.


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